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All we must decide is what to do with the time given to us.

Greatness no matter how brief stays with a man.

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My name is Tish but then it already says that! I am 30 I am currently a Dental Assistant. I love anime, CSI, Lost, The Amazing Race and Family Guy everything else comes after that. I like to listen to music and have a wide variety of musical taste from pop to r&b to Anime music which led me to like Asian pop and rock as well. See my playlist and you can see for yourself. I also love Hans Zimmer and love any movie soundtrack that he has composed. I am trying to collect them all so help a sista out if you can! I live with my mom and my sister in New York City which is very crowded and busy all the time. I would like to finish my B.A. and eventually teach English overseas in South Korea or Japan so wish me luck with that. I love cats and have a tabby named Snickers. I like to travel and have been to Jamaica (where my mom is from), England (where she used to live) and Canada. I would like to visit Switzerland one day and Italy as well. That is pretty much all there is too me. My life is not super exciting but then I don't know anyone's whose is so I am just little old me living in this world. Politically I am probably in the middle and when it comes to religion I have my beliefs as a Christian and do not impose them on anyone else and do not try to impose yours on me either, thanks. Don't judge me and I will do the same for you. Nobody agrees with anyone 100 percent of them time anyway. One more thing, I have this weird obsession with Liam Neeson.

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